Ezyart Brush Kit

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My successful Ezyart painting process is driven by just 5 brushes. Each has a number of clear functions that combined enable me to build the paintings that have defined my unique style and appeal. Their multiple functions have come through my continual experimentation to discover what they can do outside their known function such that the few can do the job of many! 

➡ Roundup Brush is the most versatile Brush I use. It can render the effect of grass, dust, splashing water,rain, snow flakes, foliage among others. It's absolutely brilliant when used right.

➡ Stingray Brush rounds out the armory of brushes. This is perfect for lay-in work and special effects. It fits for all work between the versatility of the Orphan Brush and the Sniper. A great Brush.

➡ Orphan Brush is a full blooded thick paint delivery tool for things like flowers, water reflections, leaves etc.

➡ Marilyn Brush is my most used Brush and second to the Roundup in versatility. Used for blocking in, layering , detailing and skidding it is a true evergreen tool. The long hairs hold a good quantity of paint and it's soft hairs make parting a breeze.

➡ Sniper Brush is a specific use long hair liner Brush used for fine line and detailing work. A must have to convert the randomness of the Orphan Brush into a meaningful painting outcome.