Ezyart Magnifier

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On my way to being a successful artist I hit a big roadblock. After I had successfully scaled up a small figure from a photo to a bigger one in a painting, I found I had to start GUESSING the detail!

The naked eye just wasn’t good enough to get ALL the information from the photo. Costly enlargements didn’t work- the contrast and color faded, and they bent when held. For 30 years I’ve been searching for a magnifier that I could easily hold over a 6”x 4” photo, in the one hand, while painting with the other hand. 90% of the magnifiers available were too strong- too much on one spot, and not enough on the area. 

The i-pad came along-I found it good, but simply too heavy and unwieldy. So I designed the EZTART magnifier, and believe me folks, IT’S a MUST HAVE for your artists’ toolbox!